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Note: I constantly forget to update this, so it may be missing some peeps from time to time. But do not fret! For I shall stop forgetting eventually and update it!

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Journal Entry: Fri Aug 8, 2014, 10:06 PM

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The Selection comic updates Every other Weekend!
(Random Day)

So it's rather convenient that dA's birthday celebration happened around the time I've been reminiscing a lot about my own dA experience. So I thought this was an appropriate bandwagon to follow!

I just passed my 8th year of being on deviantART back in June. Like many folks, I was a young, immature child. And much like a lot of people too, this technically wasn't my first account. Although I hesitate to say that because my "first" account was a Club account I created as a test trial because I was paranoid beyond belief about making an account all about myself. I honestly don't remember how long that account lasted (maybe a couple months) before I caved and made this one here and deactivated the old one.

Before my dA days I did all my online activity on my freewebs site. I met my first internet friends there, although they have since vanished into space. When I came on dA I was overwhelmed by the community and quickly started making friends through the Invader Zim community, as I was a huge IZ nerd at that time. So although I wasn't really a fanartist, as my original creations remained prominent, my IZ fanart was my catalyst into a fandom and bringing me to some of the wonderful people on here.

Attack of the Button Monster by AlfaFilly RAPR... I hate it by AlfaFilly Dare 2 B. Stupid by AlfaFilly M.I.B. by AlfaFilly

My main character and cast from my WIP novel Calestine Princess, and my Ambivian species in general, originated in the IZ fandom. In fact, CP was originally a fan fiction titled "Princess Nelthilta" or something of that generic like. The story was essentially The Almighty Tallest make a gamble with Ambivia for territory by battling, but lose terribly and in return get held captive by the Princess and her friends, who were all absolute nutcases and drove the Tallest crazy. And, as most fanfics do, it involved stupid illogical romance and crackchildren...

Garin Reference by AlfaFilly
Thus the birth of Garin!

As all this tomfoolery was going on, I never let my big project "The Alfas" sit idle. The Alfas were a HUGE deal back in my middle school years and further into high school. Like, that's all I drew. I have stacks and stacks of artwork of these guys, and I almost wish I had joined an art site sooner to showcase all this ridiculous junk. A selection of stuff is located on my site still and although I did not post an extremely large amount of Alfas stuff on my dA here, you can find a number of decent ones.

The Alfas by AlfaFilly Merry Christmas From the Alfas by AlfaFilly Easter Rave by AlfaFilly Happy Halloween - 2007 by AlfaFilly
The Alfas: Pixel Group by AlfaFilly
And to answer the age old question - yes, this is the origin of my username, and yes, "Alfa" is spelled wrong on purpose. Our slogan was, and always will be, "Difference is Greatness" and, well, Alfa is definitely different.

Breaking the Habit by AlfaFilly Frozen Tears by AlfaFilly C.P. - A Sorcerer's Plot by AlfaFilly .:Transmission Failure:. by AlfaFilly .:Pocketful of Sunshine:. by AlfaFilly

As I started my gradual fall out of the IZ fandom, I took CP into an original direction, what I constantly titled "Novel Version". CP was an absolute mess of ideas that I pretty much concepted and spat out into art that is almost entirely inaccurate now, but still interesting to look at as some of my best pieces came from this work. I also started fleshing out my Ambivians a little bit more since they were a hot mess too. Did you guys know Ambivians used to be shapeshifters and had feral forms? No really.

Glow For Me by AlfaFilly C.P. - Fight of Allegiance by AlfaFilly
They did.

Somewhere mixed in all this muddle I also started my comic Power of War. I don't even remember how long it went on, a couple years I think, before I finally quit with only 6 pages completed. Multiple redrafts of it were conceived afterward but failed to take off, but I drew random art of it for a good period. It was a very generic story but at the same time I still hold a strange fondness to it. I still hope to one day take the core plotline and put it into something else, maybe with a title change.

.:Power of War:. - Poster OLD by AlfaFilly Frozen by AlfaFilly In the End by AlfaFilly HeadStrong by AlfaFilly

And, of course, the big deal. Probably what I'm most followed for... The Selection! It started entirely based off a stupid dream I had and me going "Derp I like to comic let's do it again! Cause the first time obviously worked out SOOOO WELL!" And, unlike PoW, it never died! TS has gone through multiple plotline changes since it started, and especially personality changes amongst characters. It's still got some big errors that need fixing, but overall I'm proud of the direction TS is going, and I still really adore some of my old pages. They are pretty amusing still.

The Selection: Chapter 1 by AlfaFilly The Selection - page 27 by AlfaFilly The Selection - page 37 by AlfaFilly TS - The Amazing Feddy by AlfaFilly You're Prehistoric by AlfaFilly

Then like a great wonderful plague came the mighty OCT! Tapestry-of-Horror to be specific. Who could forget that crazy ride? I learned more than I could imagine from ToH, and being able to actually complete a story as long as it was... just amazingly fulfilling. I regret nothing about my run in ToH, and I got a great character outta it to boot! And let's not forget all the fantastic friends I made through it!

ToH:R1 Battle of the Beauties by AlfaFilly ToH:R2 Your True Colors by AlfaFilly Three to Tango by AlfaFilly ToH Be Shufflin' by AlfaFilly

Before ToH's end, I also got into my blacorite characters with NuclearLoop and StupidShepherd and others. It was a change working with characters like this, but it ended up helping me on my anatomy a lot (yay nude characters!) and conveying expressions without a mouth. So many fun collabs resulted from blacos, and I learned a lot about character development through this process. Also finished two stories through them as well!

Get that Smash Ball by AlfaFilly As Diabolus Turns - Ch.1
As Diabolus Turns
Part 1: Days of Our Lives…
It was another typical day on Diabolus. The planet, brimming with tourist attractions that boggled the mind, was as busy as always. One city in particular was overflowing with guests. Between the amusement parks and arcades, there was always something to entertain the masses. Many places had sold out tickets and the hotels and suites were booked. Yet still more ships, filled with curious alien creatures, flew in for a visit. Everyone wanted to experience the wonderful world of Diabolus.
However, keeping such a grand business continuously working without hitch was hardly an easy job. There was always something breaking or someone holding up the flow. With the immense number of high-paying customers around, pleasing everyone and keeping up with the sheer amount of tasks was a priority. This was especially true for Harlie.
The orange-lighted blacorite, busy at work, checked and then rechecked his stats. He tapped away at his
Diabolus of the Dead Cover by AlfaFilly Daylight by AlfaFilly Goodbye Shoes by AlfaFilly

And after that came more works like Chernobyl-Curs, another entertaining OCT and something I learned a lot about for my written works...

CC:Aud Frame of the Sun by AlfaFilly CC:R2 Frozen Fears Intro by AlfaFilly Das a Big Wabbit by AlfaFilly Crack Love is the Best Love by AlfaFilly CC:R3 Little Wonders by AlfaFilly

...Learned things that I quickly put into my latest story, PICARD: A Man and His Boy. Which has also been my latest adventure in the world of HOOMANS! And my latest obsession~ I seriously need to post more art of it here instead of my Tumblr. I should do that.

PICARD: A Man and His Boy by AlfaFilly Picard Human Reference by AlfaFilly I'm So Fancy by AlfaFilly

So that's my journey up to this point. And I haven't even covered everything! I can remember every single piece in my gallery and usually remember when I drew it and the stories behind it. And that's just the art alone. I could go further on experiences I've had here, people I've met, and things I've learned. Maybe dA has become more of a business than it was back when I joined, and they seem to have an obsession with random add-ons and fancy doo-dads like badges (which apparently you get submitting one of these journals pff) but I still love dA for its essence as an art submission site, a place to grow and learn, and a place to be with the art community.

I hope I inspired people in my time here thus far as so many have inspired me. And I hope to keep on trekkin' in the years to come!

Also here's some more miscellaneous pieces that gave me giggles or otherwise I enjoyed while looking back.
C.P. - Pixel Art Elpay by AlfaFilly Contest: Marshmellow Mania by AlfaFilly Me Love You Long Time by AlfaFilly Spirit by the Water by AlfaFilly Iraa Comic by AlfaFilly

:bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue:

~*~Filly B.~*~

New Banners Coming One Daaaay...

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C. "Filly" Boone
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I am a Sci-Fi Comic Artist and Author and I spend most of my art time working on comics or drawing up concepts for my written works. In my spare time I also enjoy animating and photography, though they're not my strongest talents.

Please feel free to call me Filly and leave a message if you wish to get to know me. I enjoy meeting new people. Don't worry, I won't bite. :B

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Marty Pinup (sketched)
Chordata Peacock (coloring)
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