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The Selection Hijinks 2016

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 28, 2016, 4:25 PM

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The Selection comic updates Every other Weekend!
(Random Day)

Greetings everyone! This journal will be talking all about The Selection in terms of what will be going on with it this year! Figured I'd go ahead and lay down a tentative plan so I don't have to repeat myself constantly throughout the months.

So after some thinking and discussing, I think I have a plan of progression. It's not perfectly set in stone so things very well could change but this is the plan as it sits at the moment. So don't take any of this as a for-sure statement, but with hope it will be! But anyone who has followed me long enough knows the things I plan are hit or miss on whether they work out or not; for TS they usually miss. A lot.

The biggest block in the road right now is, as it always has been, school. After drawing things for my classes constantly I often don't have motivation to work on big projects when I get free time. So this is usually where I draw things for myself: doodles, concept art, silly pictures, side images, etc. TS often gets pushed aside because I simply don't want to work on a serious project after just finishing or working on school-related serious projects and I just want to destress and practice new things. It's not that TS doesn't make me happy, it does, but I have to put far too much brain power into pages than I do on miscellaneous images, especially now that I have gained more knowledge pertaining to comics and want to incorporate what I have learned into them.

So with the main excuse out of the way, I'll let out my second issue as to why pages stall, which is the new Prologue. It's only 5 pages (1 page less than the old Prologue) but it's taking me ten times as long to get to drawing it because, quite frankly, I don't want to screw it up a second time. The paranoia of it all. I feel I've finally gotten what I want in my script so now is just a matter of drawing. I've begun concepting the character designs and will try to do some architectural studies soon. "Character design? Architecture?" you question, "Why are you worrying about that?" One: because I am a masochist. Two: Because the start of the story is the important part and if I don't get this right WE'RE ALL DOOMED.

It all comes down to the fact I just want to reintroduce the world, the plot, the setup. I want to fix the starting mood that will set the entire story. It's extremely important and is the reason I want to redo it in the first place. Why did The Selection event take place? Do you know? Of course you don't cause I suck! The new prologue will clarify! Among some other very nice goodies (and delicious foreshadowing). For anyone curious, this prologue will be nothing like the last (which means no more picking out babies like choice cuts of sirloin in a grocery store deli). Feddy won't even be the star of the show! CRAZY!

With the prologue in development along side the main story arc, going back and forth has presented difficulties. The last plan of action was to go back and forth between the two in progression, which might still happen, but instead of constantly shuffling between new and old the entire time, I'm thinking long term. SO! The plan:

:bulletblue: 100% complete Script for Ch. 2 + Prologue
:bulletblue: Complete the current WIP page (Page 21) because... I just want another page out.
:bulletblue: Complete full set of thumbnails for Prologue + Ch. 2
:bulletblue: Complete sketches for Prologue pages
:bulletblue: Complete sketches for Ch. 2 in "sets" (sets of 3, 5, or 10 at a time)
:bulletblue: RENDER ALL THE THINGS (what order I haven't decided yet)

What does this mean for the update schedule? I'm not quite sure. I could keep going with my plan of just farting out pages as they happen, but ideally I would like to grab that elusive buffer that has been running away from me for so long. It's a pro and con situation: If I go in real-time you get pages out to read, they just will be posted at varying intervals between two weeks and two months. If I aim for a buffer, you won't get any pages for a larger span of time (upwards of two-four months), but when you do they will be consistently updated and posted for your viewing pleasure without delays.

Here's where you guys come in. I need some quick input!

Would you prefer As-They-Happen updates or wait for a consistent Buffer?

I addition, answering these questions will help me greatly:

What has confused you thus far about The Selection that I could clarify in the new Prologue OR Chapter 2?

Who is your favorite character of the main cast and why?

Who is your least favorite of the main cast and why?

What is your view on Quality vs. Quantity when it comes to page production?

So for short-term, keep an eye out for Page 21. When will it be out? No idea. With hope soon-ish. In the mean time, check out my Tumblr for As-They-Happen concept art, WIPs, and prep work! OR keep an eye out for a spam-dump of art that I may end up posting on here in the future.

Long-term, MORE COMICS! With my recent school shenanigans, I've gotten a lot of inspiration to want to get pages out, improve the story, improve the characters, improve just about everything, BUT in the process I have little time to do it. So let's try to hope and pray I can figure this out and by summer get some progress. Your support is always appreciated! I know you guys will like what's coming. It's just getting there that's the hard part!

In the mean time, enjoy whatever art and comics I post that are not related to TS. Even if it's not quite as delightful.

:bulletblue:  :bulletblue:   :bulletblue:   :bulletblue:   :bulletblue:   :bulletblue:

Stay warm everyone!
~*~Filly B.~*~

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C. "Filly" Boone
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Please feel free to call me Filly and leave a message if you wish to get to know me. I enjoy meeting new people. Don't worry, I won't bite. :B

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There is something Very familiar about your art....
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Ive loved your work for years!! I kept forgetting you had a deviantart! So glad I found you again!! Lovely Shoujo (Aaaaah Nooo) [V3] 
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I REAAAALLY like your comic! I read through all your pages just now and I'm already wanting to read more. Keep up the great work!

I did notice that you mentioned you were in school. What are you majoring in, if I may ask?
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LadyUnorthodox Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh my! You're art is so amazing! Your shading is so gorgeous and your characters are so cool!

I don't understand why you'd like mine at all!
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Thanks for faving! I love your comic by the way. :D
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