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October 24, 2011
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As Diabolus Turns

Part 1: Days of Our Lives…

It was another typical day on Diabolus. The planet, brimming with tourist attractions that boggled the mind, was as busy as always. One city in particular was overflowing with guests. Between the amusement parks and arcades, there was always something to entertain the masses. Many places had sold out tickets and the hotels and suites were booked. Yet still more ships, filled with curious alien creatures, flew in for a visit. Everyone wanted to experience the wonderful world of Diabolus.

However, keeping such a grand business continuously working without hitch was hardly an easy job. There was always something breaking or someone holding up the flow. With the immense number of high-paying customers around, pleasing everyone and keeping up with the sheer amount of tasks was a priority. This was especially true for Harlie.

The orange-lighted blacorite, busy at work, checked and then rechecked his stats. He tapped away at his holographic touch screen, pulling up files and charts and lists of things to do. One list was extensively long, and he grumbled with annoyance as he scrolled down it. Clicking a button on the belt strapped across his shoulder, the device turned off. With a sigh, Harlie stood up from the comfy couch he had been positioned in and made his way out of the blue and black colored room.

He passed down the halls, all the while thinking over the mountain of projects he needed to finish. It was made worse considering the little amount of time he had to complete them in. The busiest part of the tourist season was just around the corner. I don't get paid enough for this, he thought to himself as he made his way further across the building.

Reaching the elevators, he pressed the down button and waited patiently for the doors to open. With a loud thud as it landed, the metal walls parted to reveal a tall, white individual standing inside.

"Hey there, Harliebear!" said a peppy, feminine voice.

"Ugh, hi Linda," Harlie greeted in return, very unenthusiastically.

As he entered the elevator, he pressed his designated floor option. The doors closed back and Linda's smile grew wide, "Aww, is someone a grumpy puppy this morning?"

Harlie did not reply, his face fixed in a stern expression as he stared at the metal doors. Linda tilted her head and, still with a smile, leaned closer to him. She reached out a hand and began to stroke his head sensors in a teasing manner.

Harlie waved her hand away and replied, "Knock it off! I don't have time for your games."

"Yep. Definitely a grumpy puppy," Linda's smile faded as she put her hands to her hips, "You should really try to lighten up. You hardly know how to have any fun around here."

"Fun?! There's no time for--!" he quickly silenced himself when he saw the woman's sensors lower and her mouth contort into a frown.

"No time for what?" her words were sharp, reflecting the angered look in her eyes.

"N-nothing, nothing at all!" he hesitantly laughed it off, putting on a fake smile.

Linda's sensors perked back to their normal position as she happily said, "Good, then!"

The elevator shook as they reached their destination and the doors creaked open. Harlie exited first, Linda close behind. He strode down a short hallway before turning to enter a room to his left. Coated in darkness, only his glowing stripes illuminated any source of light within. He reached over to flick on the power switch, but the room remained unchanged.

"God damnit!" he cursed aloud as he repeatedly riffled with the small lever, "Enrik was supposed to fix this weeks ago!"

"Well he has been kinda busy lately doing that… 'zen' thing he's always talking about," Linda defended as she entered the room after him, her pink stripes further lighting the area.

Not bothering to retort, Harlie walked around the room in his search, tripping and bumping into various items. Linda, on the other hand, stepped about gracefully, never fumbling for a moment. As Harlie looked around the west side of the room, she headed straight forward to a spot on the floor where a green light was fading in and out. She bent down and poked the object with a pink-lit finger, smiling the entire time.

The green lights stopped their pulsing, stayed solid and then began to stir, "Whoah," came a groggy male voice, "Sup, Sunshine?"

"Oh, Ennycakes, you're so silly!" Linda giggled as she continued to poke the, then awakened, blacorite.

Having finally managed to grab the item he had came into the room for, Harlie made his way over to their direction, stumbling and complaining under his breath the entire way.

"Enrik, for Pete's sake, will you for once stop being a lump of crap and actually do your job?"

"Mornin' there, Bossman Dos," Enrik said, completely disregarding everything his superior had just said.  

"This room has been sitting in the dark for upwards of three weeks now, and I'd kind of like to come into it without potentially falling and cracking my head open," Harlie said sneeringly.

"I started to, bruddah," Enrik began to explain, "but I got kinda tired and decided to chill instead. Guess I chilled too hard and fell asleep."

Linda laughed at the handyman's comment and embraced him in a friendly hug, all while he still remained seated on the floor. Harlie merely groaned and rubbed his forehead with a hand as he stood over them.

"If you two would stop with your little cuddlefest, I'd really appreciate if you would, you know, get to work."

"Oh, don't be such a CrabbyCookieCanary!" Linda released her hold and stood back up, "I know you want one too!"

"No! No I do not!" Harlie exclaimed, holding his arms out as if to keep her at a distance, "Just… go do your jobs! Please?"

"I like to think giving hugs is one of my jobs," Linda grinned, her long tail swishing back and forth excitedly.

"Then please do the job you are being paid to do," Harlie sighed. He didn't bother trying to argue anymore and left the room, holding a long plastic container in his hand.

Linda leaned down toward Enrik again, who was now sitting up on the floor, fiddling with his floating radio. She reached out and playfully pinched one of the sensors that covered his eyes and said, "See you later, Ensy! Don't chill too hard."

"Ha, don't think ya hafta worry about that, girlie," he replied back and watched her leave the room, her tail swishing back and forth all the way. Finally left alone, he stretched his arms above his head and promptly flopped back over on the floor. Curling his tail around himself, he quickly returned to sleep.

*   *   *

By the time Harlie had made his way down to the lobby, he was already behind schedule. He shoved his way past the many guests filling into the building, each of them different in species and race. He still carried the plastic tube with him, though he hardly cared to keep it safe, as it regularly whacked several guests and doubled as a shoving ram.

Finally pushing his way through, he glanced up at the blue-glowing clock on the wall. He kept on until he reached a room being guarded by a heavily muscled, white-striped blacorite male. The guard stepped out of the way as the, obviously irritable, Harlie entered the room, the automatic doors swishing closed behind him.

Before him was a large meeting room filled with comfy cushioned chairs and a large see-through table. No one seemed to be in it, yet a low, annoying grinding sound followed by several clicks arose from the center. Harlie walked over to the table to find the rainbow-striped Quinn seated in one of the chairs, playing with some kind of cheap, plastic "Let's Go Fishing" type toy.

"Quinn, where is Marty?" Harlie asked in a frustrated tone. Quinn simply shrugged in response and returned to his game of catching the little gaping-maw fish that spun around endlessly with the little magnet fishing pole.

Harlie, obviously displeased at his boss's absence, plopped down in the chair next to Quinn and threw the tube on the table. He assumed he was just running late, but knowing Marty there was never a clear prediction. "He'd better hurry up. I can't sit around all day waiting on him."

As he waited, he watched Quinn playing his little game, which he downright failed terribly at. He didn't seem to be at all bothered by it as his smile never left his face. Harlie sat with his elbow propped on the table, his head in his hand, looking much less amused than his counterpart. The clacking of the little fish mouths was progressively becoming more and more obnoxious as the minutes passed. Soon enough he could not stand them anymore.

Mid-way through an attempt at catching a fish, which Quinn was so close to getting, Harlie casually leaned forward and flipped the switch on the toy, abruptly turning it off. Quinn looked up at him with a dejected expression that could only be compared to someone having kicked a puppy.

"That's it, I can't wait any longer!" Harlie stood up from his seat, "If he wants me I'll be in the--" His words were cut short as a door across the way flew open and two bickering blacorites entered. One tall and lanky with medium blue stripes and a staff in hand. The other had both red and white markings, one conveniently shaped like a bowtie on his throat and another mimicking a mustache on his snout. Marty and Jeeves? Harlie thought to himself, Since when do they ever bother to talk together?

They argued all the way up to the table, their quibbling words barely decipherable. Quinn and Harlie exchanged a confused glance before Harlie went to intervene, "Hey, what the hell's your problem?!"

The two silenced themselves for a moment, but their eyes continued to pierce into one another. Marty spoke up in defense first, "Problem? There's no problem here, Harlie. Except for this walking scrap of metal in front of me!"

"Well pardon me for intruding into your glorious presence, you imprudent muttonhead!" Jeeves insulted him, his red eyes flaring with anger.

"Blah, blah, blah!" Marty mocked, "You and your fancy smancy insults still don't hide the fact she prefers me over you any day!"

The two resumed their quarreling as Harlie grumbled and peered back at Quinn, who was just watching them as if it were some sort of dramatic show. Harlie returned his attention to the two and waved his hands before them to quiet them again. "I'm sure the subject of your petty little debate is a fascinating one, but can't you do it some other time?"

"This is too important to just brush off!" Jeeves pointed a finger accusingly at him, "If he thinks he's going to get away with stealing my beautiful Linda, he has another thing coming!"

"Linda?" Harlie questioned, "I thought you hated her?"

Jeeves almost seemed to be appalled at the suggestion, "I would never! That is obviously some nonsense your jealous boss jammed into your head!"

"Because obviously I'm a terrible manipulator like that!" Marty said sarcastically as he gestured to himself in a dignified manner, "You are clearly the one jealous because our love is blossoming and you can't handle it."

Their… love? Harlie, more confused at what was happening than before, quickly asked, "Sir, since when have you liked Linda… at all?"   

"Since the very moment she arrived here, of course!" Marty said, a pleasurable smile on his face, "And she is my one and only love!"

Jeeves stared him down even more intensely than before, his lights burning bright with deepened rage. Harlie, on the other hand, looked at him with eyes wide.

"You're in love with… Linda?"
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I promised ~NuclearLoop I would post this "Secret Story" after my ToH ended. SO HERE. >:U

Wrote this awhile back, sometime in September. Not sure precisely when. A random idea sparked by a conversation with ~kalil969 that ended up making it into story form. He also suggested the title. So now, Blacorite gang madness is A-GO!

Just a normal day. Harlie's being a workaholic. Enrik is being lazy chillin'. Linda's being... Linda. Marty... is now in love with Linda?

Whaaaat. >8I

I apologize for any OOCness for characters. I tried to get them as accurately as possible. X'D

Marty, Quinn, Boh, Diabolus, & Blacorites ~NuclearLoop
Harlie ~StupidShepherd
Enrik ~kalil969
Jeeves ~AmiliaLongTail
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AmiliaLongTail Oct 26, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
AlfaFilly Oct 26, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
MalimarTheMage Oct 25, 2011  Student General Artist
Uh huh. Well this is interesting =D I can't tell if it's weird interesting or cool interesting yet though. Maybe a little of both XD
Marty likes Linda! :iconsaywhatnowplz: Something weird's going on, I can tell.
AlfaFilly Oct 26, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's probably both a weird interesting and a cool interesting wrapped in a big box of confusion!

Something very weird indeed. >:I
MalimarTheMage Oct 26, 2011  Student General Artist
Lol, that's true XD
If I wasn't so super exhausted yesterday, i woulda commented sooner on this XD

Like i said though, twas way amusing to read and i'll be looking forward to the continuations :D

Dangit, Harlie! Just accept the hugs! >8U
AlfaFilly Oct 26, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sokay dude xD

Weee! I hope it continues to be enjoyable and amusing! 8D

You know you want them, Harlie, just admit it!
DarkTail67 Oct 25, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist






...I lol'd <3 This is just adorable in every which way, and I was just about to suggest Enrik x Linda when I saw Jeeves and Marty bickering over her. Lmao I guess Diabolus needs more peppy ladies, eh? ;D

...But first, Ginny needs sum love :U (how old is she anyway?!)
AlfaFilly Oct 25, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Magenta and Linda are the hot ladies in the building. Though neither are quite the dating material. One is a betch, and the other is... lots of terrifying things. But least she gives hugs of death!

Ginny is the beeeeest. I believe she is an age equivalent of around 16 if I remember correctly.
Unfortunately Ginny won't be in this story 8'C
I didn't know much about her when I started writing it. Alas~
DarkTail67 Oct 25, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah, well...all the mo-e -eason fo- me to suppo-t my statement! Diabolus needs DATEABLE ladies! >8O

...specially since Ginny seems to be unde-age. Saaaad.

Also, poo! No Ginny in the sto-y! Shame on you! Boo!

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