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April 18, 2011
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CC: Caesar Reference by AlfaFilly CC: Caesar Reference by AlfaFilly
Oh gosh, something not ToH related for once! Though... it is OCT related so... I STILL FAIL D8 Baww!

For :iconchernobyl-curs:, a dog-only OCT. I don't plan on getting really "into" this one like ToH, but I want to enter to practice my literature and try out a new character~


-Round 1 - small cut on left cheek from bite. Not severe but still has potential to bleed and hurt.
-Round 2 - right hind leg has some soreness to it and a few little nicks. Not enough to hinder him as he ignores/can't feel the pain.
-Round 3- muzzle on top of snout lifted up slightly and the wound there is fresh and bleeds a lot if messed with. In addition, he has deep scratches across his muzzle. A few other wounds are across his body as well. (Illustration coming soon)

:bulletpurple: Audition :bulletpurple:
:bulletpurple: Round 1 :bulletpurple:
:bulletpurple: Round 2 :bulletpurple:
:bulletpurple: Round 3 :bulletpurple:

Name: Caesar Jesus Pelonski
Breed Base: Chow Chow
Age: 4
Gender: Male

Abilities: Nothing. He’s boring. :D

:bulletred: Rather high tolerance for pain.
:bulletred: Thick (matted) fur makes it a bit difficult for other dogs to get a solid attack/good grip.
:bulletred: Strong jaws.
:bulletred: Sturdy build is hard to knock/pin down.

:bulletblue: Rather slow reflexes.
:bulletblue: Very easily overheated; cannot exert a lot of energy because of it.
:bulletblue: Hind legs (due to their straight shape) are prone to torn/ruptured cruciate ligaments and cannot take much damage, particularly the knees.
:bulletblue: Because of his tolerance to pain, especially during adrenaline boosts, he may not be aware of a serious injury.

A quiet, seemingly timid character, Caesar does not willingly approach others unless he is aware they mean no harm. Otherwise he keeps to himself, observing others from afar. He gets bored rather easily, and it would not be surprising if he spends most of his day sleeping or laying around with nothing around him to do. When talking with other dogs, he is friendly, but does little to add to a conversation, only replying to questions bluntly and nothing much more. More of a defensive fighter, he has no intentions or interest in harming anyone. If anything, he's sort of a big baby. This is not to say he would not, as he can be courageous and quite aggressive if needed and has had a few experiences of scuffles in the past so he is no newbie. If he had the choice between flight or fight, more often he would flee.

After Round 3 - Caesar is even more wary of other dogs and has become significantly less friendly and open to them. He may growl at dogs coming too close or even snap of those who get within his comfort zone. He is more focused on winning the tournament than before and he now will likely fight rather than run away.

History: Raised as a show dog but never winning a single competition, Caesar was eventually dumped off on his owner’s nephew. An irresponsible pet owner, he cared more about his research on historical sites than spending time with the dog. During a trip to Chernobyl and nearby Pripyat in which he was hired to research for an upcoming apocalyptic video game (hecks yeah man!), he forgot about Caesar, leaving him stuck in his car. Suffering from near heat exhaustion in the confinement, he managed to escape the vehicle and ran off. Due to his muzzle, he was unable to nourish himself afterward and collapsed close to death. Lucky for him, a generous little rabbit came by and helped gnaw the thing off to an extent.

Since then, Caesar simply wanders around without much care aside from keeping himself alive.

:bulletred: Sleeping/laying down/relaxing.
:bulletred: Finding cool (temperature) places to rest in.
:bulletred: Chewing bones or scraps. Or twigs. Or anything chewable, really.
:bulletred: Staring at people.

:bulletblue: Stairs. They are his mortal enemy.
:bulletblue: Eating rabbits, or seeing other dogs eating rabbits.
:bulletblue: Humid/hot places.
:bulletblue: Running.

:bulletred: The four-leaf clovers on his collar were given to him by his friend Stan. They were given to him for “good luck”.
:bulletred: The embedded area of his face is very sensitive and regularly irritates him but he has grown to tolerate it the best he can.
:bulletred: Though he does not dislike other dogs, he is not a “pack-oriented” breed, and thus does not like to socialize much. He will get close to other individual dogs, but only if they are friendly and non-aggressive. He is very wary around strangers until he gets to know them (or if he is otherwise curious about them). Even so he prefers to have his "alone time" whenever he can. He also has little to no interest in relationships of any kind (meaning he could care less about ever having a mate or reproducing).

About Stan:
Stan is a rabbit friend of Caesar. Friendly, calm, and soft-spoken, he often encourages Caesar to keep moving in order to keep him active and alive, as otherwise Caesar would succumb to the feral elements around him. So, in a way, Stan is his personal motivational speaker. He rarely ever says anything negative, and often may even give his friend advice in troubling circumstances. Though he often will go time lapses without showing up (usually when Caesar does not need positive reinforcement) he visits him quite often. As a result of his friendship, Caesar refuses to kill and eat other rabbits. He finds great distaste in other dogs preying upon rabbits, and its not uncommon to have him mess up another dog’s hunting of one in order to help it escape.

Gender is not known, as Caesar does not know how to tell the gender of a rabbit (and finds it too embarrassing to ask), but denotes it as a “he”. Ceasar named him Stan, beforehand the rabbit had no name. The two have known one another for the two years Ceasar has been a wild dog and since Stan saved him.

Stan almost never appears in front of other dogs, perhaps in fear of being the next meal. Because of this, dogs who regularly speak with Caeser think him crazy for talking to this “supposed” rabbit. He may come out on occasion, but only if he has a reason.

Because he is a rabbit, dogs could kill or harm him rather easily. The only strengths he truly has are his speed, claws, and sharp bite, but against a large predator they would do him little aid.


Fun Facts:
:bulletblue: Caesar is the name of my, deceased, chow chow Danielle's (I called her DingDing) mate. He was, unfortunately, killed early in life (3 or 4 or something) but... I don't remember how :U
:bulletblue: ~AmiliaLongTail dared me to name him Jesus. So. There.
:bulletblue: His coat color was inspired by Ding's grandfather (Coca, I believe was his name?). He was an absolutely beautiful dog: [link]
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Nesuki Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Stan looks so cute :heart: You're very good in rabbit anatomy °w°
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Thank you very much! I do love my rabbits~
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A very kickass game indeed :D

Nice drawings! You've got the skill ;)
AlfaFilly Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Haha, maybe! xDD I dunno, any game you wanna think, as several games take place in Chernobyl or Pripyat.

Thank you kindly! ;D
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Since the Ukranians did STALKER everyone wanted to make game in Pripyat XD

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me-and-mojo Featured By Owner May 17, 2011
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