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Filly and the Flood: An Epic

Journal Entry: Sat May 3, 2014, 9:07 PM

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(Random Day)

Sup mah peeps! So, my semester has finally drawn to a close, and boy what an ending to it I had. I know a couple of friends are probably sick of hearing about it by now, but for the sake of my own memories, I am going to tell you all a story while the events are fresh and I can look back on this years from now (if dA still exists by then?) and be all "oh yeah, I remember that. Good times". Also for your own intrigue I suppose. Stick to the very end (or skip to it) if you want comic updates!


:bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue:

So the school day went pretty normal this Tuesday. Noon to 8:40 classes so I'm up at my art building all day. We knew it was supposed to rain heavy because it had rained like crazy that morning but we didn't think much of it. All of us with iPhones got Flash Flood warnings popping up on our phones simultaneously around 3:00 or so during class but we just kinda brushed it off. Warnings are just warning right? Not meaning it could actually happen. The last class came and it started raining pretty heavy. During a break I was joking around with my buddy Richard talking about what would happen if it actually started flooding. He works at the desk during those hours and he is in charge of kicking people out and closing the building by 9:00 so he was saying "Well, better hope it's not flooding cause if it is I'm kicking you all out the second my shift's over!" and we then joked about forcing people onto a makeshift raft by using one of the pieces of gallery art and using two of our teachers' notorious coffee mugs as paddles. Everything was cool. Laughs were shared.

Then class ended around 8:30-ish and I went to talk to my Photography teacher for a bit and when I went back out and got ready to go we suddenly got our phones ringing again for Tornado Warnings. So half of us started freakin out because TORNADO (because apparently floods are for pansies but tornadoes are the real threat?) and the others are all "whatevs :V" and left. About 20 of us stuck around in hopes that the warning would pass and after the rain really started coming down we ended up calling Campus security to ask what they thought we should do. They heavily suggested we stay because the waters were starting to rise. Water? Ha. Haha. Yeah. Stop playing. Then my photography teacher, the same one I had been talking with, texted one of the student workers saying "STAY! Manhole covers are FLYING INTO THE AIR! THESE ROADS SUCK." A few later, a lot of the folks who had left just a few ago were writing on Facebook and texting us saying "THAT WAS SCARY. DON'T LEAVE."


We all went rushing to the doors to look outside oh okay yeah there's water everywhere. The parking lots are filling up, the street across the way was now a small lake and oh my gosh our cars oh crap. A couple people rushed outside in the pouring rain and lightning to fetch their cars and move them to higher ground. Shawn fell in the water in the process. That was amusing. But anyway, yeah we at that point we went from "Oh cool we're all together it's like a fun little adventure 8D" to "SH*T OUR CARS ARE GONNA FLOAT AWAY 8C" I was particularly freaking out because my car is a 1999 Lincoln Continental and I have no insurance on it because to pay for it would cost more than the car is worth. So if my car gets flooded I'm not getting a new car anytime soon. Plus I love him. He's my precious baby. I had parked on a higher level of the parking lot but I couldn't see where I had parked so I just kept keeping an eye on the first car in our row. Which wasn't looking very promising.

(photo credit belongs to my friend Danika)

Security had informed us that every single entrance to the campus was flooded. As in, yeah, you're not getting out unless you swim out. We were trapped - literally. And our building quickly was surrounded by water on every single side. It was something I can't really describe. It was astounding, a little frightening, and kind of... cool? In a, you know, "This is a natural disaster and this could kill you if you are really dumb about it" kinda way.

After awhile (as in, two hours later) we just kinda stopped worrying about the cars and potential of drowning death and focused on priorities: food. Where food. Food where be? Tummies, they are rumbling. I need it. The snack machine required the monies that we didn't have on us (cash that is) and the only thing we could find otherwise were some health-food snacks that my teacher let us have. I took them. I craved them. I don't even know what it was but food. After another hour or two passed, we started staring enviously at the Taco Bell across the street. We saw people in there; they were watching us tauntingly. Those terrible, terrible people. How dare they taunt us with their tacos and nacho supremes. We were starving artists over here! Literally!

Yet somehow, despite the pouring rain and constant thunder and floods everywhere, we never once lost internet. So my teacher set up Netflix in the big lecture room and we all watched comedy movies like Happy Gilmore and Ferris Bueller's Day Off in some attempt to lighten the mood. Soon enough that room turned into Nap Time room cause like 10 people slept on the floor. Me included for about an hour.

Also now would be a good time to say that at some point during these two guys, not students, just random joes, happened to be on the other side of the street and somehow got in the water with their vehicles and the vehicles did not like swimming. One of them's car started flipping over and it got full of water and he was forced to climb out of the window, swim towards our building where he clung tightly to our art building sign screaming for help. Richard came and sat down next to me next to the desk as I was eating snacks and told me this and I was all "... Wait are you kidding? Stop playin' Richard." and he shrugged so calmly. "Nah. He's out there now. Screaming for help." And I stared vacantly at him. Wow art students. Wow. Letting a poor man drown? I thought, as I sat there eating more mystery food. But somehow the man had gotten to our building, I don't know if one of us rescued him or what, but we gave him towels and he was actually pretty chill once he got calmed down and proceeded to watch the movies and go play on the Mac computers. I dunno how the other guy got there but he did the same.

So it was around 1:00 am at this point. Somehow we had found some stale chips and salsa and ate them anyway because starving and whatnot. Security people kept swimming over to us and telling us that another swell is on its way and we would likely be stuck there till at least 5:00. Oh. Oh okay. That sounds awesome.

Actually at this point it was moderately awesome, moderately terrible, and moderately "I just don't care anymore". In a sense it was fun because I was surrounded in the building I have come to call my second home since I'm there 5 days out of the week most of the time and on top of that the 20-ish people who were there with me were my classmates I had grown to really enjoy and talk to frequently, so they were my bros. But it was not so fun at the same time because I constantly kept checking the parking lot every half hour or so to see if my car was floating away. Strangely enough, at no time during this event did I ever fear for our safety. Not sure why. I guess I just felt protected somehow? I mean the water was CLOSE. At one entrance it was just about 12 feet from the door but something felt like it wouldn't come in, and if it did we'd be safe together. That also could have been some of the crazy from the hunger and lack of sleep.

(Danika's again. Stealin' all her photos.)

After awhile all our phones were dying so we shared chargers and tried to find things to do. A couple of my friends went and slept in the sinks of the darkroom, one guy was watching movies on his laptop, the others were making art and stuff on the lab computers, and what did Richard and I do? We went to one of the big windows in the back and stared out them, watching the lighting in the sky that went so frequently it was like a rave party and watched the flooded roads and the trucks and cars that thought it was an intelligent idea to drive on them. For their stupidity we kept hoping they would stall out and otherwise get stuck. We were terrible people. Probably also because if they had gotten stuck, they could run out to the Wendy's right by the road. Wendy's. Food. Oh food. We did this for 30-45 minutes straight. People came by and asked us what we were doing. We are special crayons.

By 5:00 a.m. it was still going. The rains had stopped every now and again, allowing the water to drain a little, but it would come right back up. So far one bro had lost her car because it had water reaching the top of the seats, another just assumed hers was a goner because the headlights were going crazy on it and the water line reached over the tires, and we were pretty sure my teacher's rental car had at least a couple inches in it. Still couldn't see my car but I feared the worst.

But then... A MIRACLE.

No the sea did not part, nor did the rain miraculously stop. No... it was the pottery teacher, Clover. He drove all the way out to us in the monsoon of destruction, he came to us to see if we were alright. We were happy for Mr. Clover. But that's not the miracle part. The miracle... was the eggs.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the eggs. Our drawing teacher (who was not there btw) happened to have two dozen eggs laying around. We knew this, but what are we going to do with raw eggs? Oh. But you see, art teachers, especially awesome pottery teachers who have been teaching for over 40 years, they stash things places. Like squirrels in winter. And Clover happened to have, of all things, a camping stove. A camping stove. He made us all scrambled eggs and it was the best scrambled eggs that ever blessed our tongues. Oh those eggs. Those glorious eggs!

(photo credit also by Danika. I think.)

At around 6:00 or 7:00 (I forgot) the rain did stop and the waters started to recede. I could go see my car and, by some miraculous event, it was not flooded! Water did get in it, but it merely soaked the floorboards. There was no standing water. Granted that still is unfortunate because if that molds its going to stink up a storm BUT he faired! He survived! Just as we all did!

So gradually everyone parted away to their homes. The city was in absolute destruction. Flood damage was everywhere. Sink holes were popping up, engulfing homes and destroying main roads. A huge, highly important road I travel on every day to school, which happened to be alongside a cliff, fell off. Like, 200 feet of it. Just gone. Two friends and fellow school bros lost everything. Thankfully now we are all banding together to help them out, be it with money or items. We may be art kids who won't save a man stranded on our sign and we may make evil suggestions of people to fail due to their stupidity, but gosh darnit, we help our own at least!

All this happened Tuesday night, into the morning of Wednesday. We had to go back to school Thursday to finish our last classes. And now we do not simply greet each other with a mere hello, we now greet each other with "Hey flood buddy!". It was an adventure. An adventure I hope never happens again.

And we grow stronger every day. And also we appreciate eggs. Mmm. Eggs.

The End

:bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue:

And with my story done, comic updates! With this break upon me now, I am going to work all this week on HOPEFULLY making a buffer. I want to get at least three pages sketched and started to be inked. I won't make any promises but I'm hoping I can get this done before my summer school starts the following week. I have not had much time or motivation at all for the comic since my last journal update, sadly, so no progress has happened at all. But maybe now that'll change! TO HOPING!

:bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue:

Until next time my fabulous bros. And may the weather treat you well.
~*~Filly B.~*~

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Zumoarikuta Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I just read this now and whoa that sounded scary, that is an event I wouldn't want to be in ever, and if it were to happen I'd consider eating someone (Jk God no) Is good thing you and your classmates are all right, and I find it amazing you found creative and odd ways to entertain yourselves during the monsoon, one of my friends and I would actually do the window thing. XD
Also Shark on a stick? O_O
AlfaFilly Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
We were thinking about covering the security cameras and breaking into the snack machines but we decided that might not be a good idea xD
Ahaha the window thing was literally the best part, I still giggle thinking back on it xD

YES. Fried shark meat on a stick. It's pretty fab.
Zumoarikuta Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
If I were that hungry I wouldn't care I'd smash those things opens so they don't mock me with their delicious contents. XD
Sometimes watching people fail is fun.
I never tried shark meat before must be tasty.
Falcolf Featured By Owner May 23, 2014  Professional Filmographer
I've been meaning to get around to reading this for like a week! I am so glad that you're alright and that all of your classmates survived! I saw the photo you posted on Tumblr and I was worried, hoping you were okay until I saw this post. Sounds like a really exhausting time of it and that your beautiful car survived! :D
AlfaFilly Featured By Owner May 23, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes, that was madness! I'm happy to see you were concerned though (well not happy about it but you know! xD)
And yes! :D I love my car he's my baaab ;n; So I was so happy he made it out okay! Just a little stinky :XD: It would have been heartbreaking if he would have gotten ruined since he belonged to my grandpa who picked me up from school in it all the time so he has sentimental value. Not to mention he's over 10 years old (1999) and therefore too old to afford insurance on him since the insurance would cost more than he's worth :'<
Falcolf Featured By Owner May 26, 2014  Professional Filmographer
That's too bad that the insurance is so expensive! D: I'm really impressed that he came out not needing even any repairs that flood really looked like it was a doozy. I'm really happy for you that he was okay and that you're okay! :)
Little-Eagle Featured By Owner May 4, 2014
I imagine those eggs were amazing! Hunger truly is the best seasoning. :) Glad you are okay, I saw were Abs and Mia and been posting on Facebook about the flooding. 
AlfaFilly Featured By Owner May 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That is too true! :XD:
Yup, it was crazy stuff!
Vlorrie Featured By Owner May 4, 2014  Student General Artist
You're story-telling skills are marvelous. I felt like I was drowning along with you all! -though the pictures might have helped some. I probably would have been the idiot to try and brave the water and get everyone Taco Bell and drown by the school entrance. But that pottery teacher, that just blows me away. Who randomly has a camping stove, and not only that, who randomly has two dozen eggs I can't ffff. I'm curious though, you guys didn't have a school cafeteria or anything like that? Or possibly a pickpocket amongst you to eat tasty vending machine food? So many unanswered questions! Nevertheless, I think I know what you mean by not being concerned about yourselves in stuff like that. It sounded like fun in a weird way! It's amazing to know though your car (and all of you) was safe. And that your teacher cared enough to come see you guys! Art teachers are the best. 8D 
AlfaFilly Featured By Owner May 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ahaha you would be deemed a hero at least. We would call support to you as you drowned and floated away and we would watch with single tears streaming down our faces. :'I

I'm telling you man - ART PEOPLE. Art people are the shiz.
And no, this building we were in is actually really small. The art building is a walk-through gallery so essentially the entire building is one snakey hallway with decent sized rooms attached along it. I think it has... let me think... 2D room, drawing room, 2 small mac labs (20 computers each), photo room, 2 small darkrooms, a tiny photo studio, one small lecture room, an even smaller conference room, the pottery room and um... a tiny section of about 10 offices so small they look like an elf's office (like, they might as well just be closets). Soooo 7 classrooms and a couple misc rooms? So it's not that big. I'll have to show you some photos of it later to get a better idea.

We were all saying if we were forced to stay there much longer (they were thinking of forcing us to stay there 24 hours - which would not have made me happy cause I was ALREADY there 24 hours by the time I left around 9:30 am the next day) that vending machine would not have survived. We'd take a mug to that glass lol

Indeed!! It was fun in a strange way and the teachers are great. Several more came up there after Clover to check on us and see if they could help, which in itself was difficult because like 70% of the roads in the city were out of commission. Literally. Traffic sucks now. 8I
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